Click Magazines

Click Magazine is a kids’ magazine that goals to introduce them to the real world. It describes each place and everything that surrounds them with each issue. Every issue comes with a them such as At the Zoo or Busy Cities; it also speaks about the people in the neighborhood thus the kids get to know them one by one. This magazine is proud to have sections that deal with nature, science and the world as a whole. Published by Carus Publishing Company, known to do well with children’s materials, it offers a wide range of information and facts and it is told in a manner that young children can definitely understand, and enjoy.

Every issue contains colorful illustrations that can simply attract the young children into reading it further. It is coupled with a memorable caption that speaks of the contents of the magazine in that particular issue. It is ideal for all the short attention spans of young kids, articles can be read in as short as five minutes or you could finish reading the whole thing in an hour. The creators have also frequently included games and crafts that the children will be extremely interested doing. And the great part: no advertisements! Just pure fun and education for your little ones!

This educational, skill-building publication, for ages 3 to 7, is colorful and easy to read, making science accessible to even young children Magazine, and uses games and news on current trends to make learning fun. Take a seat with your kids and discover the world around you with Click Magazines.

Chirp Magazine

Preschoolers usually learn from daily life during the times that they play around or watch television. They might go to schools to get formal education however what they truly absorb are the things they really do together with their siblings and parents. That is why reading aloud is useful to preschoolers; they discover things while bonding with the parents.

One of the advantageous pastimes that can initiate to preschool is reading. To expand this is to have them practice reading stories gradually and loudly. The Chirp Magazine has the answer in satisfying your needs for your children. It provides unique stories meant to read stridently and you will never spot a repeated article so no dull title ever created.

This is monthly magazine that is directed to preschool age that comes in eye-catching full-colored cover and bright illustrations that certainly your kids will wait for in their mailbox. The highlighted stories uses easy, short and preferably created to persuade learning and delightful reading. It also includes artwork, age appropriate games, puzzles and crafts to bring pleasure for the parents and kid alike. A bunch of enjoyment and learning is merely right here in Chirp Magazine.

Young kids want little achievements to increase their self-confidence and to earn approval of their parents. Easy hands-on projects are also featured in this magazine which the child can do by herself or side by side with little guidance. Children like it when they see that they have done something. Parents can keep those tiny projects and remind their children when they grow up that they did that when they were still small.

Chirp Magazine is great for all parents who intend to spend time with their children while they are learning. Even the kids can enjoy this publication for themselves; just looking at the colorful and jolly pictures will definitely entertain them!

ChickaDEE Magazine

In the preschool years, you would search few titles that appeal to the young children primarily because of its colorful illustrations, brief stories and explanations. As the kids grow older, they crave for something a little more advanced, for something extremely informative yet entertaining and age appropriate. If during their young years they explore the daily happenings around them, now they make a peak into broader horizons and discover different places.

Colorful, lively illustrations and drawings of little cute animals greet you in each cover of ChickaDEE Magazine. Both the children and parents are well-attracted to such illustrations because it kindles the mind and speaks about the contents of every issue. There is a theme for every issue where all the topics will go around that theme. It is seldom repeated and therefore, no boring issue ever!

The ChickaDEE Magazine is ideal for children below 9 years old with mind full of inquiries. This magazine offers great deal of learning with broader horizon and discovers different places. For every issue, you can expect creative and interesting nature reports and stories that aim to both educate and entertain. It gives the child an overview of the things that they are usually curious about in the Discovery portion like where does the sun go after sunset, or what keeps the penguins in Antarctica cool. Every story is told in a balanced manner, one that is both fun-filled and informative.

ChickaDEE Magazine is one of a number of magazines that offers great facts and fun trivia. Each issue also comes with games and craft ideas! It is definitely what the growing kids need and will enjoy!