Travel 50 & Beyond Magazine

First travel magazine for people age 50 and over. First Travel Magazine is for Practical and appropriate information on vacations chosen by travelers in this age group. Value-oriented articles dealing with a lot of vacation alternatives.

When we speak of travel you can’t help but visualize the beautiful sceneries in the coast, or the fabulous sunset at the top of the mountain, watersports and hiking. It’s the best outdoors! It’s fun, it’s an adventure-it’s a great thing when you’re in you’re a young to mid-adulthood, however what if you already have your first grandchild? And certainly, not getting any younger?

Vacation Publications, Inc invents something that would best be described as a magazine for persons still young at heart, however not in terms demographically. Travel 50 & Beyond Magazine is a periodical magazine exactly designed for individuals who are aged 50 and older. With approximately more than 300,000 thousand audiences in every issue, this magazine is one authority that the readers enjoy.

It concentrates on the major tourist spots of Northern America while still featuring the beaches of Florida whereas citing some vacation spots either in Massachusetts or Niagara.

Cruises cannot be forgotten, and it’s one thing that the couple in the fifties would certainly enjoy. So this publication is kind enough to feature some of the good cruises around America and around the world. It also features escorted tours to vacation destinations that are both familiar to the public and exotic in itself.

Well, don’t pack your bags just yet! Surf the most visited resorts and hotels at their reasonable prices. A section of this magazine shows useful advertisements for individuals geared up for a vacation. Who knows? You could save more on your budget.

Spa Magazine

Slip away to the world’s most exciting spas. Travel behind the doors of the most luxurious and private retreats for an insider’s look at their amenities and features. Get practical advice on how to select, plan and get the most out of your spa vacation.

Whoever first thought of the idea of putting up a spa is a complete genius! It’s like treating the people like Cleopatras of the modern civilization. And whoever wrote a publication dedicated to the brilliant spas and spa destinations is an angel. Who would not want a guide towards the perfect bodily retreat to rejuvenate those tired muscles?

Each issue is full of useful trivia on the great spa destinations. Whether you plan on an all-weekend stay and extended soaks in the bath tub, or a sudden visit in a day spa, you’ll discover a majority of tips to the most relaxing visit to the comfortable spas there is. This magazine also entitles its readers a sneak glance of the lavish spas that are devoted to offer the calming treatments for the city’s workaholics.

This magazine is also packed with ideas on how to pamper yourselves at home, like homemade body scrubs and soaks, or how to create a home spa that will offer as much leisure as those overpriced spa resorts. This magazine features a wide variety of articles from the Spa Basics to useful beauty and wellness tips that will help maintain that radiant skin and body.

Spa Travel also gives advice on the ideal getaway spot, either you’re looking into the hidden paradise spas in the heart of the busiest cities of America, to the reasonably toned down Latin Americas, or outlandish Asia. A spa directory comes in handy to check out if the place you’re planning to do suits your budget. Also, a yearly day spa guide for persons who would choose quick services from the day spas.

It’s your chance to break away from the usual days, and Spa Magazine is your supreme guide towards a tranquil escape from the stressful lives you lead, consider it a gift that you truly deserve.

Islands Magazine

International magazine committed to exploring & learning regarding the islands of the world. Islands Magazines contains in depth articles, full color photos, island history, culture, politics, and lifestyle and pospective tourist information.

This magazine must contain a caution in front. Warning: after reading this magazine, you may just like to call your travel agent, book an island vacation and catch the first plane out! Islands Magazine is stunningly crafted and appealing; it can magically persuade a reader to see the featured islands in its real beauty, and speedy!

The publication comes in 8 issues every twelve months and is priced reasonably. You can read a number of reviews and find the pleased readers of this magazine! World Publications Inc really did a job well done!

Islands Magazine is a magazine that decided to center on the beauty of the world’s islands. From the most high-profile and most famous ones such as the Carribean, Hawaii and the Bahamas, to those that are considered fresh, unpopular and pure tourist spots such as Madagascar, Kuna Yala and Bohol. It’s an island magazine and shares to the world the lovely scenes of the islands. It also contains islands of the South Pacific-and you may not see that frequently.

The key to a wonderful travel magazine is the spectacular photography. It’s visually enticing and shows the key spots in the islands. If you’ve got a passion for the waters, the beaches and the shores, you’ll discover that simply looking at Islands Magazine is extremely satisfying. And if you opt to read, you’ll find the magazine even better.

With each issue there are sections that are certainly very helpful for those who are planning an island getaway. It talks about the island life and the cultures of each location. In Survive the Cooks, readers learn about the native cuisine and distinctive ways to enjoy it. Want to bring home something for your family and friends? There is also a gift guide that displays island souvenirs and best gift ideas.

Discover the islands, and discover it with Islands Magazine! More than the beauty, it is an in-depth exploration of the islands’ history, cultures, arts, nature, sports, and the people itself.