Stitch, Weave, Paint, Decorate… You Name It

Homes are a lot cozy and warm to live at when surrounded with love and affection covered with creative ideas. Create & Decorate Magazine does just that for you. This helpful magazine lets you create beautifully designed crafts that undeniably reflects your personality, turning your home uniquely outstanding in a way that is very you.

Spend a lovely day at home with the charm and comfort brought by your original and artistic decorations. Spend your lazy afternoon or any other free time in creating stylish handicrafts, ideal when the weekend work is done, or just whenever your knack of creativeness kicks in, in producing brilliant handiwork. What better way to get inspired with two thumbs up ideas than checking out Create & Decorate Magazine.

Create & Decorate Magazine brings you the freshest crafts and projects. Exciting and challenging crafts include stitching, quilting, stamping, sewing, painting, paper crafting, rug hooking, and a whole lot more that will surely give new ambience to your already artistic homes. Create & Decorate Magazine is packed with and never runs out of ideas and inspirations.

Featured articles inspire you with stories of livelihood and lifestyles, an exciting visit to the antiques, putting life and sparkle to your gardens, or come up with something through styles of folk art, vintage, and primitive, to name a few.

One would really enjoy venturing into miniature needle punch embroidery projects, and always learn new and exciting things. Materials most likely used for home decorations are evergreen, pine cones, cloves, cinnamon, dried and fresh cranberries, among many, many others – and aren’t they all beautiful?

The magazine highlights wide variety of projects of detailed patterns that come along with simple, easy to understand instructions that include how to make throw pillows, baskets, and decorative displays – finish it all with just a short amount of time. Your dull afternoons will never be the same again.

Designs of each project is detailed in full size patterns. Explore and experiment the endless possibilities one could come up with variety of media for your home decorations, even to your everyday wearables! Your free time can surely be one fun time.

Create & Decorate Magazine is published by All American Crafts, Inc.

Black Men Magazine

Black Men Magazine is for the guys who are looking for a magazine outside entertainment, for the guys who wants to be educated, for the African American men who are stylish, trendy and bright in every way–this is what Black Men Magazine is all about.
Black Men Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that comes in bimonthly from Magna Publishing Group. This magazine aspires to keep the men of the African-American community definitely well-informed regarding the significant happenings and issues phenomenon in their civilization.
The readers will find this magazine totally motivating for it features data, profiles and views from well-known African American leaders and personalities. Outstanding journalism is one of the facets of this magazine since its editors and writers try to center on features, articles and editorials related to the black society in a whole.
Black Men Magazine goes ahead of the news and politics since it includes articles that encourages black men to lead a more hopeful and optimistic lifestyle. Keep yourselves fit and physically powerful with the articles concerning health and condition. It also includes articles on the hottest news and trivia on the latest sports and sports personalities. Stay trendy and up-to-date with the hottest fashion trends and find out that cool get up with this magazine.
Each page gets more appealing as you go through the whole of the magazine. This magazine also offers intellectual advices about finances and guides about business and travel. Black Men Magazine proves to be more than and entertainment magazine, but a complete lifestyle magazine for the black men.

If you are an African American that’s quite away from home, Black Men Magazine keeps you well-updated and well-informed as regards the hottest issues, concerns and news in your community. It is absolutely the lifestyle magazine for the black men of today! Get your copy now!

American Angler Magazine

American Angler Magazine was first published in 1973. American Angler Magazine is a magazine devoted to the subject of fly fishing, with an importance on cold water fisheries, available six times a year. It bills itself as a “how to, where to” magazine focusing on technical fly-fishing informational articles and explorations of new fishing locations.

American Angler Magazine, with a circulation of 43,000 hard-core fly fishermen, offers solid “how-to” data for persons seeking to master this most stylish of angling sports. Articles written by famous professionals and laymen alike cover every region, every method and every variety of fish that can be taken on a fly. American Angler Magazine is the only magazine in its category edited by a former fly-fishing guide who has worked on some of the sport’s “holy waters” in Alaska and Montana.

The magazine’s distribution and status have developed quickly. Its largely male, well-educated, wealthy readers are the most dedicated thread-and-feather fans in the nation. American Angler Magazine is broadly viewed as the best-written, best-edited and best-looking publication in its class.

As of 2007 American Angler Magazine and Saltwater Fly fishing ventured into one magazine. American Angler Magazine has increased page count, while subscribers of Saltwater Fly Fishing subscriptions transferred to the new joint publication, which continued to be called American Angler Magazine but will have a standalone saltwater section.

American Angler Magazine is geared towards fly fishing aficionados. A magazine subscription to American Angler Magazine offers readers with widespread information about fly-fishing and fly-tying techniques. So grab and buy a copy of American Angler Magazine today!

Advocate Magazine

Every single individual in this planet needs somebody to back them up, to support them and to encourage and persuade the good personalities that they have. A distinct part of our culture, the gay men and the lesbians find a solid support in a magazine devoted to argue the things that really matter; nothing else but the Advocate Magazine.

The Advocate Magazine has been America’s essential gay and lesbian news source as of 1967. Published biweekly, the magazine educates and entertains with a sole blend of respected news, celebrity interviews, views, music and art reviews, and more.

This overwhelming magazine is usually shortened and leaned towards the gay and lesbian life in the United States and provides magnificent conservative and tremendously useful opinions and advices pertinent to gay life that comes from an intellectual point of view.

First and foremost, its typical edi torial content comprises of news features and analytical reports that are of interest to its target audiences. It also features points of view regarding gay politics and similar issues involving the gay society. The readers will definitely learn a lot from each article in this magazine and it is delicately tending to that certain part of the culture.

Well balanced in its content, this magazine also provides a fair amount of pleasant and fascinating articles about edge arts and music reviews and views which includes interviews from the most well-liked celebrities. Advocate Magazine won’t let you be left behind on the latest news and gossips! Not only that, it also has sections that provides financial advices; health columns that keep its readers in tip-top shape and updates about the cyber world.